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Renewables, Climate and Future Industries Tasmania

Register of Interest

The Tasmanian Government’s Register of Interest (ROI) is a strategic action of the state’s Renewable Energy Coordination Framework and will assist in the identification of Tasmania’s first Renewable Energy Zone and investigations into support mechanisms that may be needed to achieve the Tasmanian Renewable Energy Target (TRET) of 200% by 2040.

In seeking to build a comprehensive profile of the project development pipeline for renewables in Tasmania, we encourage renewable electricity generation projects (including offshore developments) of 10 MW or greater and industry/businesses with new or increased electrical loads of 1MW or greater to ‘register their interest’ to inform sustainable and coordinated growth of Tasmania’s renewable energy sector.

Why it matters

At such an unprecedented time of growth for our state’s renewable energy sector, this coordinated approach not only provides for a more efficient and effective enabler of progress towards the TRET but will help to maximise benefits to Tasmanians including jobs, training, and increased investment in regional areas.

The Government seeks to lead growth in renewable development to areas determined most optimal but also based on a range of land use, heritage and other criteria -including values determined by communities and regions that are impacted. A priority will be to ensure early engagement and communication with the public on the scale, timing, and investment in the state of new and proposed large energy users and renewable energy projects.

Renewables growth will also have consideration to maintaining existing energy system security and reliability, particularly as there is already a pipeline of projects in various stages of development in the state.

The ROI is open from 15 June 2022 and closes 13 July 2022.

Click here to start the ROI survey.

Who should participate?

We encourage completion of the ROI by

  • Renewable electricity generation projects (including offshore developments) of 10 MW or greater
  • Industry/businesses with new or increased electrical loads of 1MW or greater; and
  • Existing load proponents looking to source electricity from new renewable projects.

The ROI survey will cover questions (many of which are optional) to allow for projects in the very early stages of development to participate as well as advanced or existing projects. This includes being able to provide details of multiple projects of the same or different technology types in the one survey. Participants can provide details for any combination of the below category, and up to three projects of the same technology type. If there are more than three projects of one technology type, a second form will need to be completed.

  • Generation project: wind
  • Generation project: solar PV
  • Generation project: battery
  • Generation project: other technology
  • Energy user: existing electrical load
  • Energy user: new electrical load

Click here to start the ROI survey. 

Need more information? Sign up to our ROI Webinar

Date: 24 June 2022

Time: 10:00am AEST

The Webinar will cover off on how to complete the online survey, next steps and your opportunity to ask questions.  You can sign up here.

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