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Renewables, Climate and Future Industries Tasmania

Project Marinus

Project Marinus comprises a proposed 1500MW capacity interconnector (via two 750MW cables) - Marinus Link; supported by the North West transmission developments. Together, they have the ability to unlock Tasmania’s renewable energy and storage potential.

Fast facts

  • On 15 December 2020, the Australian Government and Tasmanian Government signed a bilateral energy and emissions reduction agreement. Under this Memorandum of Understanding, both Governments have committed further support to progress Marinus Link and Battery of the Nation. You can view the agreement here.
  • December 2019, the Business Case Assessment (BCA) for Marinus Link found that the project was technically feasible and commercially viable under all modelled scenarios. This work was funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and TasNetworks.
  • The BCA identifies that peak construction of Marinus Link can lead to up to 1 400 jobs in Tasmania and 1 400 jobs in Victoria in regional areas, with economic stimulus of up to $1.4 billion for Tasmania and $1.5 billion for Victoria.
  • Marinus Link also unlocks investment in broader renewable energy opportunities in Tasmania, such as wind and hydro investment, which could lead to up to $5.7 billion economic stimulus and 2 350 jobs.
  • TasNetworks Marinus Link RIT-T Supplementary Analysis Report (November 2020), estimated that Marinus Link can provide between $204 million to $1.6 billion in net market benefits to the National Electricity Market.
  • The 2020 Australian Energy market Operator’s Integrated System Plan lists Marinus Link as an actionable project, subject to decision rules, and is a critical part of the National Electricity Market’s optimal development path over the next 20 years.
  • Project Marinus has progressed to the Design and Approvals phase, supported by a $56 million grant under the Project Agreement for Marinus Link. This phase is to progress areas such as route, technical design, approvals, community consultation, and ownership matters.

More detailed information on Marinus Link is available here.