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Battery of the Nation

Battery of the Nation is a Hydro Tasmania project that’s investigating and building our island’s capacity as a hydro "battery". It’s about making better use of existing hydropower and power stations, while enhancing our ability to support the National Electricity Market (NEM) with new infrastructure like pumped hydro power stations. This will ensure a safe, reliable, low-cost energy supply for all Tasmanians, and thousands of megawatts of clean power to the mainland for a sustainable future we can all enjoy.

Battery of the Nation also involves a significant research component, including studies supported by ARENA and Hydro Tasmania in three key areas:

Battery of the Nation fast facts

  • On 15 December 2020, the Australian Government and Tasmanian Government signed a bilateral energy and emissions reduction agreement. Under this Memorandum of Understanding, both Governments have committed further support to progress Battery of the Nation and Marinus Link.  You can view the agreement here.
  • Hydro Tasmania has selected Lake Cethana from its three shortlisted pumped hydro sites (which also included Lake Rowallan and Tribute) to progress to investment-ready stage with Hydro Tasmania committing up to $30 million to progress feasibility.
  • Pumped hydro is like a big battery. It can push water uphill when electricity is readily available, then release water back down through a turbine to generate power when it’s needed. This is a great complement to less consistent forms of clean energy like wind and solar, keeping the system on an even keel. Watch this short video to find out how it works.
  • Continued investigation into reimagining the existing Tarraleah power scheme. The Tarraleah redevelopment is a $650 million, 220MW opportunity that could support up to 250 jobs during peak construction.
  • Hydro Tasmania research has shown there is up to 400MW of existing hydropower capacity that can be unlocked by the first 750MW cable of Marinus Link without any additional asset upgrades.

More detailed information on Battery of the Nation is available here.